for we.CONECT Global Leaders, Berlin

ScaleUp 360° is a virtual conference series, which means that attendees can participate from anywhere in the world. The conference is held online and includes live presentations, panel discussions, Q&A sessions, and networking opportunities. Participants can interact with speakers and other attendees, exchange knowledge, and join virtual roundtable discussions.

The ScaleUp360° logo conveys a sense of continuity across all the different events, with each industry in the series having its own distinctive colour scheme that is accompanied by white and dark grey throughout all branding materials like websites and newsletters. This consistent use of branding and colour makes it effortless for attendees to recognise and connect with the brand.

Given the virtual nature of the event, there are no physical images to create an on-site atmosphere. To compensate for this, illustrations are used to elevate the visual appeal and convey information in a more captivating way. This includes the use of animated videos to explain the event format.


Creative Director

Ayrton Boldt

Web Development

Sebastian Jänisch

Art Direction, Design & Illustration

Michael Tom Schmidt